Thursday, November 5, 2009

It Ain't Over 'Till the Canibal Loses His Appetite


Side A (21:33)Side B (20:03)
It Ain't Over 'Till The Canibal Loses His Appetite - Tape 1
Side A (20:33)Side B (20:17)
When The Light Goes On, Where Will The Darkness Go? - Tape 2

Side A (34:27)Side B (34:16)
The Feminine Mystique - Tape 1
Side A (22:12)Side B (21:56)
Marriage: Thinking, Speaking, Doing - Tape 2
Side A (16:53)Side B (16:16)
Three kinds of Love - Tape 3

Days of Awe
Redemption Purim & Pesach

Side A (22:20)Side B (20:39)
The Seven Days of Creation - Tape 1
Side A (26:37)Side B (26:18)
A New Twist to an Old Story - Tape 2
Side A (28:17)Side B (23:30)
Putting First Things First - Tape 3
Side A (25:36)Side B (24:03)
The Soul of the Matter - Tape 4
Side A (25:30)Side B (24:26)
Like Mother, Like Daughter - Tape 5
Side A (28:20)Side B (26:54)
Intimacy, Modesty and Sexuality - Tape 6
Side A (28:34)Side B (23:54)
Elisha - The Rest of the Story - Tape 7
Side A (29:00)Side B (25:38)
An Appointment with G-d. - Tape 8
Side A (25:22)Side B (26:03)
Beyond the Male Ego - Tape 9
Side A (28:18)Side B (26:08)
Let's Talk Intimacy or 'Intimacy For Dummies' - Tape 10
Side A (24:36)Side B (26:35)
The Elements of Humility - Tape 11
Side A (25:16)Side B (25:20)
The Rebbe's Legacy - tape 1 of 2 - Tape 12
Side A (24:56)Side B (24:55)
The Rebbe's Legacy - tape 2 of 2 - Tape 13
Side A (19:11)Side B (18:16)
Its Good to Know - the Conclusion - Tape 14

Side A (30:03)Side B (25:57)
Two Holy Men and a Tartar - Tape 1

Side A (29:35)Side B (22:46)
The Crowns of Royalty - Tape 2

Side A (26:37)Side B (21:52)
Moshe Our Teacher - Tape 3

Side A (28:15)Side B (28:13)
Tape 4
Side A: Light and Shaddows
Side B: Live and Live Again

Side A (27:48)Side B (28:30)
Tape 5
Side A: He Would Not Bow
Side B: He Said And There Was

Side A (28:38)Side B (27:52)
Tape 6
Side A: The Man Who Stood On One Leg - Twice
Side B: Out Came A Golden Calf

Side A (27:01)Side B (27:38)
Tape 7
Side A: In The Vilage of Che
Side B: Spy vs. Spy

Side A (27:12)Side B (27:05)
The Purim Story - Tape 8

Side A (27:46)Side B (27:34)
Tape 9
Side A: Women and Torah
Side B: Joseph The Wagon Driver

Side A (27:40)Side B (27:47)
Tape 10
Side A The Story of Water
Side B Let's Talk Business

Tape 11
Side A: The Miser of the Town
Side B: Broad Shoulders

Tape 12
Side A: The Czar Visits the King
Side B: A Prince in Prison
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