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Zechariah 8:23 G-d states this through the prophet: "This is what the LORD Almighty says: "In those days ten men from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.’"

Listen to this powerful and informative interview by Gavriel Sanders about Pastor Paul Tan and a group of Chinese messianics in Singapore rejects Jesus as being God or the Messiah and are now turning toward the Bnai Noach Movement or possibly even full conversion to Judaism.

How's this for a combination? A Quaker Holocaust teacher who converted to Judaism and her husband, who designed parts of the World Trade Center, now live in Israel and build affordable solar-powered houses. IsraelNationalRadio's Eve Harow interviewes Nancy and Hy "Chaim" Brown.

The amazing story of our church that en masse decided to convert to Judaism.

Yaakov Parisi - Once an Evangelical Christian Pastor, Yaakov will share his intriguing story of how he and his wife explored the roots of their faith in search for the truth, and arrived at the doorstep of Judaism.

I served as a Christian minister in the African American community both in Chicago and Los Angeles for fourteen years. I left that world in 1996 to fulfill my spiritual yearnings and to become a Jew.

My background is that of a religious Christian. While in Hamburg, I was ordained a pastor in the Methodist Church (Aug.,1975). For three & a half years during my doctoral studies, I was employed as a minister of an English speaking Protestant congregation (June,1976 to Dec.,1979). During this time, I met my German wife (Jan.,1978), whose father and... See More grandfather were very pious Lutheran pastors.

Several months after our marriage, my wife and I began to investigate Judaism (Nov. 5, 1978). It took about a year and a half for both of us to reach the conclusion that Torah Judaism fulfilled all the intellectual, academic, spiritual and emotional truths for which we had been searching (Feb.,1980). After withdrawing ourselves from the church and leaving the ministry, both my wife and I began our conversion process which took three & a half years and finally culminated with us traveling to Frankfurt-am-Main and converting to orthodox Judaism (May, 1983).

Converts and more converts! Nonjews converting right and left to Judaism (and nonjews becoming righteous nonjews following the 7 noahide laws and all that they entail) - Moshiach will be here soon! here is Louis Ferrante - a one-time maffia thug

This convert is not a thug.....a PhD in clinical psychology from Columbia University and a law degree from New York University and author of FROM GHETTO TO GHETTO: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN JOURNEY TO JUDAISM " I am part of a Tradition and People that leaves no doubt that I am truly accepted as an ordinary man, a black man, and yes, a Jewish man."

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