Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God Shows His Strength-Wrath - WATCH THIS!

Our Rav Yehuda has brought us another jewel from the Ma'ayanei Hayeshuah of Rav Yaakov Moshe Charlap, ztz"l, who says that Hashem built the Creation in such a way that His hand in it would be hidden in the form of nature and that this was to last for six thousand years. That He set the world up so that it would run by a process which begins in a hidden way and concludes with revelation. The example is given of a seed which goes into the ground and when the process of germination is complete, it sprouts out of the ground and reveals itself. So, too, at the end of the six thousand years, as the Redemption draws closer, nature will more and more reveal the Hand of Hashem behind it.
Following is an amazing video of the "natural" events, bordering on the "SUPERnatural", which have occurred during the preceding year. (Just please disregard the three or so NT references since they don't say anything that the Hebrew prophets didn't already say.)

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