Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NY City Crimes Against Jews

Because of the world events and the sound of the shofar blowing loudly in my ear, I wanted to compile a few "tidbits" for all Yidden living in Chutz L'aretz (outside of Israel).

1) I have taken the following from the New York State Criminal Justice Hate Crime 2010 report (2011 has not been issued) because I live in New York. (I suggest this be done in all the major places where Yidden live but I have no time to do this).

MAJOR FINDINGS: The most frequently reported bias motivations for hate crimes in 2010 were anti-Jewish (31%), anti-black (20%), anti-male homosexual (16%), and anti-Hispanic (8%).

Of the 699 total hate crime incidents reported in 2010, Table 2 shows specific bias motivation for crimes against persons and property crimes.

Anti-Jewish hate crimes accounted for 220 (80%) of 275 religious bias incident reports.

CRIMES AGAINST PERSONS: Anti-male homosexual crimes (105), anti-black (95) and anti-Jewish (90) were the most frequently reported crimes. (hate to know what the unreported numbers are).

Within the religion category, anti-Jewish bias accounted for 90 out of the 119 incidents (76%).

PROPERTY CRIMES: Anti-Jewish bias accounted for 130 of 156 reported hate crimes against religion. Fifty percent of incidents with unkown offenders were motivated by anti-Jewish bias. 

SOURCE: http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/crimnet/ojsa/hate-crime-in-nys-2010-annual-report.pdf

2) It is a very good idea to visit the following post on Tomer Devorah's website. New York has already been effected by the hand of G-d (we should wake up). Read all the links so that you will   see the facts about the effect in New York and make this known to Yidden in New York so they will be aware of what is taking place in their own backyard. http://palmtreeofdeborah.blogspot.com/2012/10/interesting-updates.html

3) Rabbi Sholom Gold in his article "Shall We Ascend the Mountain" quoted Reb Dovid: "Reb Dovid quoted the Yid HaKodosh who said that though every Jews must strive to fulfill all the commandments of Torah, there are commandments unique to each individual from the time of creation and for which he came to this world. How, asked the Yid HaKadosh, should one know what is the commandment destined for him? He replied, the Mitzvah toward which one feels drawn and longs to fulfill.

4) Levi Chazan of Yeshivat Ohr Hara'ayon states in his article The Natural Miracle, "Interestingly, when it comes to finding the best doctors or running after a livelihood, we make the greatest effort. Why, then, when it comes to bringing the Redemption closer do we just sit around and wait?" I found this also at Tomer Devorah's site. Just do a search for Levi Chazan at the site and the post will show.

5) Home Invasions Rise! Just wait until after the elections, G-d forbid that anything more terrible than the hate-crimes already noted should rear its ugly head. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/10-shocking-home-invasion-horror-stories-that-are-almost-too-creepy-to-believe

6) READ ALL OF Rabbi Sholom Gold's articles - I gave the link above. 

Yidden, it is time to go home to Israel where we belong. The Shofar is sounding - do you not hear it ?!?!!!!
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