Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Name "Sandy" and the 2 Terrible Events

"Sandy" in Hebrew, together with the numerical equivalents of each letter of its name is sin(300)-nun(50)-dalet(4)-yud(10), which in Hebrew looks like this: שנדי - it's total numerical equivalent = 364.
"The Satan" or HaSatan in Hebrew, the angel of death and the accusing angel of stern judgment, together with the numerical equivalents of each letter of its name is hey(5)-sin(300)-tet(9)-nun(50), which in Hebrew looks like this: השטן - it's total numerical equivalent is 364, exactly like Sandy!
We can clearly see that the culprit of both tragedies is clearly the abovementioned angel of death, hiding behind the name of Sandy. Both the Zohar and the Gemara tell us that when he strikes more than once, it's a sign of stern judgment that is still hovering above whichever group of people - whether a family, a town or a nation - that has been hit.

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in the vanguard said...

Tidbits; Depends how you look at it. Perhaps Hashem wanted to place them in better environments or better circumstances. Looking at the tree hardly gives the bigger picture of the forest. Who are we to decide the evnet was a "bad" one or one for "retribution". Unless we have a sage source for our gematriot, eg form sages, they can well mislead.

I am not hereby belittling the disaster some Jews felt from Sandy, but I would not go as far as determining what it was that precipitated the storm. It's an endeavor that can bring no fruit.

in the vanguard said...

Besides, why should "gematriot" be the determining factor of speculation? Let's use anagrams instead. Sandy may well have delivered its recipients a Shai Nad, a "moving gift". Remember when the Jews moved into Canaan and they found buried within the walls what the Gentiles thought they one day would come back to? And the only way Jews discovered these gifts, for having moved there, was by getting the temporary affliction of Tzaraat, which that, in and of itself, also helped better the person.

Why see things negatively anyhow? This gematria stuff is getting quite boring, frankly.

Tidbits of Torah said...

Rava, and some say Rav Chisda, said: "If a person sees that suffering (yissurin) comes upon him, let him examine his conduct, as it says: 'We will search our ways and return to Hashem' (Eikha 3:40). If he searches and finds nothing [objectionable], let him attribute [the suffering] to neglect of Torah study, as it says: 'Happy is the man whom You cause to suffer, Hashem, and teach him from your Torah (Tehillim 94:12).' If he attributes it [to neglecting Torah study] and still finds nothing, it is clearly afflictions of love (yissurin shel ahava), as it says: 'For God chastises whom He loves (Mishlei 3:12).'" (Berakhot 5a)

TOT said...

gotta smile - I had the gematria of my name read. Quite Amazing and because of having my name "read" I can better understand what all this stirring in my neshama is all about.

If you think it is boring then please don't bother to click the top right picture on my my blog (with a shin)

in the vanguard said...

"If a person sees that suffering (yissurin) comes upon him HIMSELF, let him examine his OWN conduct"...

(not someone else's!)

ToTs said...

So we are not to learn from the tragedies that befall our kindred, Vanguard? Of course we are.

Our mentor, the Ya'avetz, also writes that when the Jews neglect Eretz Yisrael harsh decrees befall tehm. page 423 Eim Habinim Semeichah

I have a link for the online book on the right of my blog