Friday, June 19, 2009

The First Ray of Redemption

Daniel 7(23) speaks about the 4th beast of exile (the exile of Edom and Yishmael). Whereas the majority of this exile dealt with the power and control of Edom, the final stage has shifted to Yishmael's might and their lack of concern for the lives of others. Verse 24 states that this beast of exile will have 10 horns (meaning 10 kings), and then an 11th one will arise different from the former ones.
Notice that the number 11 is once again involved. As we have mentioned in several writings, the number 11 represents the current exile of Yishmael. Verse 25 continues to speak about the 11th horn or king (the final one). He will speak words against G-d, will exhaust the strength of the Jewish People, and will try to "change" השׁניה the times and the laws.
The Jewish People will, G-d forbid, be under his rule for a certain period of time, known only to Hashem. When you study the description of this "final king" with your eyes opened, you realize that King Obama is the one that is being referred to. He is the king who will "change everything" in his kingdom, especially as it affects the Jewish People. To doubt this and say instead, "Let's give him a chance. Let's see how he does. He really means well," is to repeat the same mistakes the Jewish People made 70 years ago in Germany. But all is not bleak and grave. In fact, Obama and the darkness he has brought to the world through his arrogant mouth, has actually let in a dim light of hope. He can't see it, or understand it.
When Avrohom took his son Yitzchok to offer him up on the altar according to G-d's command, they saw the location that G-d had shown them. They were escorted by Eliezer and Yishmael, and asked them, "have you also seen what we have seen on that distant mountain?" They replied, "we do not see anything, only a mountain." Avrohom knew then that they could not go any further and told them to stay behind with the donkey.
Obama too cannot see the first ray of redemption. He can only see the darkness that he has created. How appropriate it is that the 44th word in Torah corresponding to the 44th President is ולחשׁך, (and to the darkness). The word that he has made famous השׁניה meaning "change" has the same gematria as "speedily in our days" בּמהרה בימינו. This very term which has been used by Jewish men, women, and children for thousands of years as a wish that our redemption would come suddenly, and during our lives, is a term that is connected to the "change" that Obama has brought to the world. But like Yishmael who was left behind to stay with the donkey, Obama cannot see the holy mountain that Avrohom saw. He can only see the darkness caused by his changes while the Jewish People see the first ray of redemption. <<<< source
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Sharon Brumfield said...

First, thanks for stopping by for a was nice meeting someone new.
I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts.
On this post I will say that there are many in Christian circles that believe that our president is stepping onto very dangerous ground when he starts messing with the Jews and their territory. As Christians we believe the Bible tells us to support and pray for the Jews--they are G-ds chosen people. He is only calling on the wrath of the Almighty when he steps into territory he is better to stay out of.
Even so....I do pray for him. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes at this time in our nation.

Tidbits of Torah said...

Shalom Sharon and a gut vok as we say to one another in Yiddish after Shabbos has taken its leave. This means "good week"

We should indeed prayer for those in power - in gov't as G-d placed them in power. Hashem's plan for redemption is unfolding and soon the nations will see His oneness. We just have to keep praying and longing for this redemption to take place soon.

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