Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Living in the Promised Land - Video

Song sung by Willie Nelson. Beautiful.

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casiphia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. True believers believe the OT and the NT. I know I do. I have been taught that scripture teaches scripture and thats OT and NT. Jesus is mentioned in the OT over and over. He was there in the beginning when our Creator created all this. I'm so glad to visit you blog and I will be back. I want to learn more. So be expecting me and I hope my blogs don't disappoint you for I blog for Jesus Christ our Lord and hopefully everyone will learn and see Him as He is our Savior. In Christ ....Robin

Tidbits of Torah said...

smiling Robin....... I hope you will come to see emes/truth by visiting my site. However, I am a loss as to what your comment here has to do with this video on the land of Israel. Also, you are mistaken. J is not mentioned not once in the Torah. I will be happy to have an email exchange with you. As for now, you have the lips of another god on your lips as you are singing praises to J and not the Creator; the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacov