Thursday, July 9, 2015

Urgent message to Am Yisrael

Many great Tzaddikim are telling us that we are in very dangerous times right now. All the 70 nations are preparing to come on the attack against Hashem and against His people. They are feeling that the end of the world as they know it is about to come (that is, the end of the world of greed, money, evil desires, jealousy, honor and so on...) They do not realize that after all that ends, we will be left with a beautiful clean world of holiness and kindness. Since they feel that their whole world as they know it is about to disappear, they are preparing to come on the attack to fight against the ones who are responsible for that, the Jewish People.

We must all make efforts to strengthen ourselves in holiness at this time, since we have seen explicitly in last weeks Torah portion (Balak) that the only way that the evil sorcerers Bilam and Balak had any effect on us was when they succeeded in tempting us to idolatry through the lure of the Midianite women. In fact the main attack of the 70 nations is against the Kedusha (holiness) of Am Yisrael, since it is primarily this which is what separates us from the Nations.

Therefore, we must especially strengthen ourselves in this area. The Chafetz Chaim in his perush on the Nach writes that the war of Gog and Magog happens first on the spiritual plane where we are choosing to strengthen ourselves in holiness or we are falling to all the temptations and unholiness of the nations. Only after that berur (sifting) is complete, will the actual war happen in the physical world where the ones who chose unholiness will disappear and the survivors will go on to the world of the Geula and the Moshiach. He also writes that the survivors will be very few... (all this I read quoted from the Chafetz Chaim in a sefer called Vehaer Eineinu which gives guidance and encouragement in the matter of Guarding the Eyes from looking at improper things).

And for women especially, the holy women of whom we are told by Chazal that in their merit will the final redemption come. Women must be especially careful to stay away from the clothing and styles of the nations. All this only brings you down and it also brings down all those around you. We are told that when there is ervat davar (pritzut) the Shechina leaves our midst and we loose Hashem's Divine protection. Now more than ever do we need Hashem's protection. Also, when the women are immodest, they open the doors for all sorts of terrible things to happen in Am Yisrael - G-d forbid. Let us all try to strengthen ourselves in this matter.

Please take a good look at what you are wearing in the mirror and ask yourself: Am I revealing too much? Is what I am wearing being worn for the sake of bringing glory to Hashem? Is this the way a princess would go out into the street? Is it proper for a married woman like myself to go out looking like this knowing that I will attract the attention of other men? Is the shape of my body being revealed? Isn't that considered bold and immodest, shouldn't I be trying to conceal the shape of my body? Why am I wearing Leopard print on my clothing - doesn't the Torah attribute azut (brazenness and boldness) to the Leopard, do I really want to wear the print of a bold and brazen animal on my body?

Please, do it for yourselves, for your husband and children, and for all of Am Yisrael. Separate yourselves from all the Tumah of the Nations, and come back to be Hashem's beloved and precious daughters whom He takes great pride in.

One last great advice of many Tzaddikim is to begin reading Zohar today! Even if you do not understand, even if you mispronounce the words, just start for 1, 2 or 3 minutes a day. The Zohar is the Tevat Noach that we can use to save ourselves from this flood that is coming to the world. It also can bring the Final Redemption with mercy and has the power to cancel all harsh decrees on Am Yisrael. It will help you wake up in this darkness and see the way to achieve Holiness. Men, women, boys and girls can all read from the holy Zohar.

All the best, Yehoshua

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in the vanguard said...

Young lady, you leave an ominous message by starting right out asserting, "Many great Tzaddikim are telling us that we are in very dangerous times right now."

We are living in a most unique era, where the Ultimate Redemption for Jews is about to happen and here you are stirring panic among us for naught.

The Rebbe said we live past the threshold of Geulah already. Therefore only the War of Gog & Magog has yet to end. It already started. So now, how do this horrible war affect Jewish lives. In 1980, a most pleasing and remarkable prophecy of our sages the Rebbe had uncovered concerning this particular end-of-days war, wherein he shows the proof of the great sages. The conclusion is that JEWS ARE IMMUNE FROM HARM for the duration of this war!

It's a must hear. You can hear it here (along with my explanation) if you understand Yiddish:
Or you can watch it here with English dubbing:

This exciting moment in Jewish history is no time to mope.