Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Women Listen - final berur (sifting out)

We are very near the end, the final berur (sifting out) is happening.Only the Kedoshim (holy ones) will remain to see the Moshiach and the Beit Hamikdash. With the summer approaching, the women have begun worshipping the 'sun gods' again by taking off their clothing and revealing themselves in public. Unfortunately, many good Jewish women have fallen captive into the influences of the 70 Nations and are also copying their way of dress and immodest behavior. All our True Tzaddikim and the Torah and our Prophets have been crying out to us that the way of Am Yisrael is to be holy. Holiness as defined by Chazal is only to be found where there are barriers to ervah (immodesty). Unfortunately, we have fallen very far away from this ideal. You can't even step foot out in the street in even the most religious neighborhoods without being hit in the face with a complete display of ervah (immodesty). The concept of covering the legs has almost completely disappeared and the tightness of the clothing reveals everything else! Hashem hates this! It is a disgrace to His holy nation. At least if you want to be brazen and uncovered like an animal, do it in the privacy of your own home, but when you go outside like that, you are burning up souls. How can you expect to have a carefree life while you are wrecking other peoples lives and children who are almost forced to have to see your nakedness in the streets. Do not think that this world is a free for all. There is a G-d and there is reward and punishment! Do you really think that short tight and stretchy clothing which reveals the shape of your body is modest!? Do you think that you will be granted entrance into the ezrat nashim of the Beit Hamikdash in your red high healed leather click clock shoes and your tight and stretchy skirt and top which displays every centimeter of your body (even the type of underwear you have on). Do you think you will be allowed to greet the Moshiach and the Imahot (Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah) with your long flowing custom wig and perfume on? I am sorry to be so graphic, but it is obvious that so many are so lost, so it seems necessary to be explicit. Do you really need some Posek or Rabbi to tell you this? Is it not obvious enough to anyone with a head or heart. We have reached a state where a true G-d fearing man cannot even step outside anymore. There are 'terrorists' after his soul lurching all over the streets. Do you wonder why there are so many deaths, diseases and accidents in Am Yisrael (lo aleinu)? Don't be shocked, to find out in the World of Truth that it was YOU who caused it all!! When there is ervat davar (lewdness), the Shechina runs away. Without the Shechina, there is no protection. In the world of truth, the immoral and immodest women will find out that they are the real terrorists and murderers of am Yisrael (see Isaiah end of ch. 3). I am sorry to be so harsh, but wouldn't you rather know this now - when you still have a chance to make teshuva! Later it will be too late! Clothing that is tight and stretchy and reveals the shape of the body is not considered clothing!!! You are all walking around naked and nobody even cares. There are two main etzot to help. 1: READ ZOHAR EVERYDAY (Even Women and Children) Rebbe Shimon put all the remedies for our soul into the holy words of the Zohar. It is promised that with the reading and learning of Zohar, the Geula will come with mercy - that is, we will be zoche to make teshuva and break free of the grasp of the Yetzer Hara and all the phony Rabbis and leaders who are from the Erev Rav. They are only concerned with their own gain - be it money or honor, and they could care less about you or your soul or your Olam Haba. There are many many sources that say that most of the Rabbanim and leaders that will be in the end of days will be from the Erev Rav (Later Prophets, Zohar, Baal Shem Tov and talmidim). One true test that can help you know if the Rabbi is from the Erev Rav is this. If he makes you feel like you really want to make teshuva and strengthen your service of Hashem, and learn more Torah and make more Tefilla, good chance he is from the side of holiness. If he speaks against modesty, against learning Zohar, if he tells you all the meat is kosher and there is nothing to be concerned about, if he makes you feel that you are better than others and makes you feel more arrogant then he is most probably from the Erev Rav who is out to try and destroy your soul. Run from him like you would from fire! 2: STOP EATING MEAT There are only a few small private shechitot that produce kosher meat these days. Almost all the meat of today is treifot and neveilot. Apart from that there are huge amounts of forgeries that come from the Arabs and other sources. Proof is, you are all acting like animals in the street. Animals walk around unclothed, and they do not feel ashamed, and so do you. And if you ask - well that's just the women, what about the men? The truth is, many men are also wearing very tight and fitted immodest clothing that come from the 70 Nations. Many men nowadays wear pants that are tighter than a pair of women's tights and they do not even feel an ounce of shame in it. And in the mikvaot - G-d help us how so many just walk around naked with no shame. They have towels, but they do not know how to use them.The treif meat you are all eating (even the ones with the best hechsherim) are causing timtum halev, and you are not even able to see this. You are walking around oblivious to it all! The Holy Zohar tells us that at the time of the flood of Noach, the streets were full of niuf, there were people mating at will with anyone they wanted, even the animals were mating with different species. That is why the earth spewed out boiling water, to boil them to their deaths - mida kneged middah - to punish them for heating themselves up and spilling seed in vain! This is very close to what our streets look like right now. We are nothing more than animals walking bare down the streets with our bodies on display for all to see and desire. Save yourselves, cover yourselves! Remember, it was in the merit of the holy women that we were redeemed from Mitzrayim, and it will be in the women's merit that we will soon be redeemed again. If you think that it is too hard to go against the whole world, well, you also must remember, in measure with the difficulty so too is the reward. We are not talking about a small reward either. Dear holy women, the redemption of our whole nation depends on you and your modesty. One of you is worth a thousand. When a women decides to dress in the way of our mothers, to dress in true modesty, she is counteracting thousands of others who go out in brazenness and immodesty. May Hashem be with you and give you strength and courage to stand up to the world and cause great mercy and protection to come down to us all, and may we all be zoche to see the geula sheleima and third and final Beit Hamikdash with our holy Moshiach, very soon- Amen. WRITTEN BY Yehoshua Goldstein http://www.hazakweematz.blogspot.com/
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CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Yes indeed, ToT. I have been looking for clothing inspired by how our Imahoth dressed 3,000+ years ago. Two hundred years ago is too late (modern) for me, but I do the best I can - don't sew clothing well and can't afford a tofereth (seamstress).

in the vanguard said...

When you kosher meat, often there are layers of layers to salt, as occurs in a butchery, for example.

The halachah is that you may pile the meats one on top of the other because all meats have salt around them.

One might raise a question: Why allow layering when blood exuding from a higher plane can flow down and be absorbed in a lower meat?

The answer is - when meat is in an "exuding mode", which salt imparts, no blood will be absorbed.

The same is true for Chabad shluchim of the Rebbe; They need not worry about what their eyes see because they are in an "exuding mode" - wanting to reach out to Jews and help them recognize the greatness therein. If people are worried so much about the "dirty environment", let them take on an attitude of Ahavat Yisrael and go out and reach out to brethren to bring them closer to Torah and Mitzvot.

The time for moping is long gone. The action is what counts - an action to save a Jewish life!

Yes, immodesty exists. But to cry "gevalt" amounts to doing nothing and it helps nothing in taking a Jew back to the warmth of their true faith in the true God and His People.