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Soon and Very Soon - Moshiach!

It's not as if we're completely in the dark. The Jewish nation actually knows quite a bit about what's coming up. That's why the Jews are always optimistic in spite of our challenges.The 14 Essential
Elements of
Future Days

Don Isaac Ben Judah Abarbanel (1437-1508) was a Jewish statesmen and scholar. He lived during the idyllic age of Spanish Jewry before the exile of 1492 (Spanish Inquisition). By his late twenties, The Abarbanel — a descenant of King David — was recognized as a learned and prominent member of Lisbon's Jewish community, having written books on various facets of Jewish philosophy. He also wrote a commentary on the Haggadah and three books on the subject of the Messiah.

One of his works, Mashmia Yeshuah contains a list of 14 "essential elements" of the future "redemption" (see sidebar --> ) of the Jewish nation gleaned from the Prophets..

And now, here are the 14 Essential Elements that will happen as we move closer to the days when God and the Jewish people become one again.

The 14 Essential Elements of the Jewish Redemption


GOD WILL TAKE REVENGE UPON THE IDOLATERS. What is an "Idolator"? Back in Bible-days there were people who used statues of wood or metal as the focus for occult practices. They were not stupid people — they were evil people. They were learned in methods of using forces of Touma (impurity). God put forces of Touma in the world as tests/temptations for people to reject them. So, these idolaters decided it was more beneficial for them to use these forces for whatever pleasure or protection the forces of Touma provided. But this is forbidden to the Jews. We look to God only for all of our needs. And God instructs us to be ever-mindful that He alone determines every aspect of existence. Does idol worship exist today? It has been suggested that money and materialism is almost like idol worship, when a person stops praying to God for his life's needs and instead puts his efforts in acquiring wealth and possesions to solidify his standing. God wants us to depend on Him for our security and to amplify our God connection through prayer, Jewish studies, acts of kindness and all the mitzvot we can do.So prophesied almost all of the prophets — there were 48 of them!

THE REVENGE AGAINST EDOM WILL BE GREATER THAN THE OTHER NATIONS and there will be no remnant of the house of Esau (Edom): Ovadyah 1:18. There are (were) 4 great empires or world cultures; Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. Babylon was destroyed, Persia was taken over and vanished, and Greece was assimilated into Rome. That leaves us today with many world cultures of Roman origin and with Roman "values" that place 'outer-form' over 'inner-content' But the Torah commands Jews to place special emphasis on developing rich inner-lives and deep connections to God. So now we can understand why the idealism of the Jewish people conflicts with "Western Culture". These cultures are destined for an attitude change when God reveals his desires to the world.Prophesied Yeshayah, Yoel, Amos, Ovadyah, Michah & Chavkkuk

THE JEWISH PEOPLE WILL BE REDEEMED and return from their exile. From the time of the destruction of the 2nd Temple, around the year 70 CE (3828 years from Creation) the Jewish people were scattered ("exiled") to the four corners of the globe, settling in widely dispersed places. This was all in God's plan, in part so that His people could be a positive influence on all of humanity. When the time arrives we'll all be gathered back to Jerusalem for the next era in world history.Prophesied Yeshayah, Yirmiah, Yechezkel, Hoshea, Yoel, Amos, Ovadyah, Michah, Chavkkuk, Tzefanyah, Chaggai, Zecharyah, & Malachi

THE TEN LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL WILL BE RETURNED from their exile. After the death of King Solomon, Israel is split into two countries Israel in the north, and Judea in the south. The 10 tribes that lived in the north countries are eventually carried into exile by the Assyrians (more than 2,700 years, 8th century B.C.E.), and scattered into Irag, Persia and Afganastan. They assimilated into other cultures and were lost. At the end of days they will return.Prophesied Yeshayah, Yirmiah, Yechezkel, Hoshea, Ovadyah, Michah & Tzefanyah

  • No Jew will be left in exile
  • Our oppressors will be destroyed
  • The redemption will be with miracles and through a great prophet (like Moshe in Egypt)
  • God will do a miracle similar to the splitting of the sea
  • Prophesied Yeshayah, Hoshea, Zecharyah & Michah

    THE REDEMPTION WILL OCCUR AT THE APPOINTED TIME despite the fact that there may be Jews who do not deserve to be redeemed. This means that no matter how many mistakes or "sins" the Jews make in their lives it won't affect God's timetable. He has a plan for the world, and that plan (story) will be played out no matter what. Understand it this way; This world is a story. From God's point of view, since he is outside the "system of time", He sees all history as a complete entity — a complete story. But for us, who are living within the system of time we just experience this story day by day. At Creation God made a "schedule", and nothing will alter it. At the appropriate time, evil doers will be destroyed and the righteous will come to the Land of Israel and inherit its greatness.Prophesied Yeshayah, Yoel, Michah, Chavkkuk, Tzefanyah & Zecharyah

    THE REDEMPTION WILL FOLLOW PROLONGED SUFFERING in the exile. We were scattered amongst the other nations after the destruction of the 2nd Temple, and it's been a long, hard exile under the tyranny of powerful and oppressive world forces. Our sages explain the purpose in our suffering is the development of character traits and refinements that our challenges bring to us. The war of Gog and Magog is a part of the end of days, and may be one of the sources for the suffering mentioned here.Prophesied Yeshayah, Yirmiah, Chavkkuk & Tzefanyah

    THE DIVINE PRESENCE (SHECHINAH) WILL RETURN TO DWELL AMONG THE JEWS EVEN MORE FULLY THAN AT MOUNT SINAI. To put it another way, the Jewish people, who during the era of the Two Temples (offsite info. on the Beit HaMikdash) had an open and visible spiritual role in world affairs will once again regain their favored nation status and a new world era will have begun. Included in this is the age of the Messiah (Moshiach) who will arrive on the world scene to set things straight, and eliminate the conflict between people's good nature and their lower "animal" nature. That means no more wars, no more conflict between people. And this was promised to the world community by God, and given over to us through the words of the Jewish Prophets — who else? The spirit of Prophecy will return to those who are prepared for it and the entire Jewish people will have limitless wisdom and knowledge. Therefore teaching will cease, because the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God (Yeshayah 11:9)Prophesied Yeshayah, Yirmiah, Hoshea, Yoel, Ovadyah, Michah, Chavkkuk, Tzefanyah, Chaggai & Zecharyah

    THE JEWS WHO ASSIMILATED WILL RETURN TO GOD. Whether because of compulsion, coercion, persuasion, etc. everyone on the planet will get a big wake-up, adjust their lives and return to God with all their heart. It's really good news and we're all praying it happens soon and peacefully — but the world's present situation is troubling. This website was created to educate people and tip the scales in favor of a wonderful, peaceful transition. The more people know about the Jewish future the more they can create a grassroots effort to make this world work smoothly and peacefully.Prophesied Yeshayah

    A KING WILL REIGN FROM THE HOUSE OF DAVID AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD WILL REST UPON HIM. And this is the Earthly leader of it all — the Messiah (Moshiach). And we've been waiting for him for thousands of years. The Messiah will administer justice and his laws will be obeyed throughout the world. Did you know Messianic beliefs were a Jewish concept before anyone else got a hold of them?Prophesied Yeshayah, Yirmiah, Yechezkel, Hoshea, Amos & Zecharyah

    THE REDEMPTION WILL BE PERMANENT.World history has been winding up to this point in time, all world events have been organized for this purpose. God will purify the hearts of the Jews and they will never return to foolishness or sin. That means that at this time our hearts are very much influenced and swayed by factors of this physical world. At this point it can't be any other way. But as the world transforms to a more spiritual place, God will actually remove from our human heart and psyche the tendency for evil. Eternally righteous, the Jewish people will inherit the land forever (Yeshayah 60:21).Prophesied Yeshayah, Yirmiah, Yoel, Amos, Michah, Tzefanyah & Zecharyah

    THE MAJORITY OF THE REMAINING NATIONS WILL ACCEPT AND SERVE GOD AND TURN TO HIS TORAH. When God makes "big noises" in the world some folks get the message and some don't. On 9/11 when the Twin Towers fell some people understood God did that for a reason, and some people are still in denial that God is even around. But as we move closer to the end of this stage of history our Prophets and Sages tell us there will be more big noises and the world leaders will be forced to finally accept the whole package, God, Torah and the Jews.Prophesied Yeshayah, Hoshea, Yoel, Tzefanyah, Zecharyah & Malachi

    THERE WILL BE PEACE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. "And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears; no nation will raise up a sword to another and none will learn the art of war anymore" (Yeshayah 2:4). It's the promise of a world without war that we've all been waiting for. But in order to have it, you've got to have God along with it to persuade us all that life is serious enough to save and cherish. Before, all the anti-war movements wanted a peaceful world but without a moral imperitive. That means people wanted freedom to do whatever they wanted to, without the admission that there is God, and He expects humans to be aware of Him and yes, to pray.Prophesied Yeshayah & Chaggai

    THE WORTHY DEAD WILL BE RESURRECTED. Would you have thought it's a Jewish concept? When God sees fit, those people who developed themselves sufficiently will come back to live in the perfected world community — the world free of lower, evil influences. We don't know too much about this — we can't — yet. But it was promised to us by the Prophets and this concept is woven throughout all Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah.

    Prophesied Yeshayah, Yechezkel & Malachi

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