Monday, July 11, 2011

"Let all your deeds be for the sake of heaven." (Avos 2:12)

In the realm of holiness, the letter ה depicts someone whose three soul-garments — his thought, speech and action — are filled with the light of the Torah, with its wisdom, and with the character traits [that it extols]. Thus, with his faculty of thought he thinks Torah thoughts.

....other activities, such as eating and drinking, are similarly carried out for the sake of heaven, so that with a healthy body he will be able to study and pray, and serve G-d through the fulfillment of the mitzvos — each man according to his level and according to his spiritual metabolism. For some men are masters of Torah; some are masters of prayer; some are masters of good deeds, of tzedakah and acts of kindness — which means that they sustain the poor and the Torah scholars, both with their personal exertion and with their contributions.

When one's intention is for the sake of heaven, it goes without saying that his activities themselves are carried out as they ought to be. Within the realm of permitted things, for example, he will be careful not to overindulge in eating and drinking, since his intention is not to pamper himself but to maintain his health. (source: Basi LaGani)

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